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JAMES MACLAREN IS A WRITER who makes people think. He is a freelance journalist, commentator, military academic and fiction author. As a writer and commentator, he is highly versatile with a strong focus on defense, security, and geopolitical situations. As a seasoned freelance journalist, military academic, and fiction author, his unique perspectives and extensive experience make him a sought-after expert in the fields of defence and security.

A former career soldier educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst James brings a wealth of knowledge to his work. He served as an infantry officer for two decades, held national and NATO command appointments and senior roles in the Ministry of Defence including time as the Army’s Director of Communications. James's expertise extends beyond the battlefield, as he holds degrees in law and international relations and has taught at renowned defence academies both as a military officer and a civilian.

As a commercial writer, commentator, and lecturer, James aids corporations in effectively marketing and branding their technology. His contributions to various news organizations shed light on global defense and security developments, monitoring the military balance and emerging threats to law and order. Frequently sought after for live broadcast debates and expert commentary, James offers valuable insights on current conflicts and crises.

An authority on the geopolitical rise of China, James closely observes its military ascent and global power projection capabilities. With extensive counter-terrorism experience, he is well-qualified to write and comment on contemporary security issues worldwide.

A globetrotter with vast experience living and working across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, one of James’s current interests is researching and collaborating on a writing project about the Vietnam War in the Far East.

For inquiries or to explore potential projects, please reach out to James Maclaren, a writer who stimulates thought and provides valuable analysis on critical global matters.

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