JAMES MACLAREN is a freelance journalist, commentator, military academic and fiction author. He was born in the United Kingdom and spent his early years in rural Warwickshire. A career soldier, he was educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and spent two decades as an infantry officer. On leaving the army he became a freelance journalist, defence and security commentator and military academic. James has degrees in law and international relations and taught at three world-renowned defence academies on military strategy and operational planning.

While still active as a commercial writer, commentator and lecturer, his passion is fiction writing where the world of espionage, conspiracy and the corruption of power provide the genre for his imagination to create suspenseful thrilling stories and characters. James is interested in people, politics (but is not political), history and the dark work of governments and their agencies. These interests provide the themes for his stories and he is fortunate in being able to draw upon his own professional experience to bring his writing to life.

Although he has lived and worked internationally, he is currently based in England.

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